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Composite Fillings

Composite Fillings

Now, you no longer need to have those unsightly silver amalgram fillings.  The fillings used at Kastner Dental Care are composite or porcelain fillings which are the color of your actual teeth.  With composite and porcelain fillings, you get the protection your teeth need against further decay while enjoying  a beautiful smile!

Composite Fillings & Your Dental Insurance

Many insurance companies see the use of composite fillings and restoration of your molar teeth as a cosmetic choice.  In many cases, the insurance company will pay a benefit based on its "usual and customary fee" for amalgram (silver) restorations and fillings.  This leaves you to pay the remaining balance which isn't covered.

For example, one surface composite restoration in our office is $123.  The insurance company will base its benefit on a "usual and customary fee" of $85.  The remaining $38 difference is passed on to you to pay, along with your co-payment portion.

If this creates a financial burden for you, discuss your options with Dr. Kastner before treatment begins.

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