Composite Fillings

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Modern composite fillings for your teeth

Say good-bye to those unsightly silver amalgam fillings. At Kastner Dental Care, we use composite and porcelain fillings that resemble the color of your actual teeth. Enjoy a natural look while getting the protection you need for your teeth!

Composite fillings and your insurance carrier

Many insurance companies see the use of composite fillings and restoration of your molar teeth as a cosmetic choice. In many cases, the insurance company will pay a benefit based on its "usual and customary fee" for amalgam (silver) restorations and fillings. This leaves you responsible for the remaining non-covered balance.

For example, one surface composite restoration in our office is $123. The insurance company will base its benefit on a "usual and customary fee" of $85. The remaining $38 difference is passed on to you to pay, along with your co-payment portion.

If this creates a financial problem for you, discuss your options with Dr. Kastner before the treatment begins.
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